Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Miku Flick/02 (ミクフリック/02) Game Rip (DKKRIP - FLAC)

I've had these resources for a while now... However I finally stopped being lazy about it and decided to just upload the stuff. All of the resources in this game are not in the encrypted PNG format unlike Rockman Xover HOWEVER, the video files and audio files are all in USM files. Miku Flick/02 has Karaoke functionality so this means that each USM file has 2 stereo audio tracks. This enables Karaoke and Acapella support.

This is incomplete, I'll be uploading as time passes and I am very busy right now. Filenames that are not clickable will eventually be clickable. Just give it time.


***Media Rips (FLAC)***

Song Name English Acapella Karaoke
恋は戦争 (Koi wa Sensou) Love Is War koi_wa_sensou_4053461.flac koi_wa_sensou_4153461.flac
ハジメテノオト (Hajimete no Oto) The First Melody hajimete_no_oto_4053461.flac hajimete_no_oto_4153461.flac
炉心融解 (Roshin Yuukai) Nuclear Fusion / Meltdown roshin_yuukai_4053461.flac roshin_yuukai_4153461.flac
右肩の蝶 (Migikata no Chou) Butterfly on your Right Shoulder migikata_no_chou_4053461.flac migikata_no_chou_4153461.flac
Just Be Friends Just Be Friends Just_be_friends_4053461.flac Just_be_friends_4153461.flac
クローバー♣クラブ (KUROOBAA♣KURABU) Clover♣Club cloverclub_4053461.flac cloverclub_4153461.flac
magnet magnet magnet_4053461.flac magnet_4153461.flac
Promise Promise promise_4053461.flac promise_4153461.flac
裏表ラバーズ (Ura Omote RABAAZU) Two-Faced Lovers ura_omote_lovers_4053461.flac ura_omote_lovers_4153461.flac
初音ミクの激唱 (Hatsune Miku no Gekishou) The Intense Singing of Hatsune miku hatsune_miku_no_gekishou_4053461.flac hatsune_miku_no_gekishou_4153461.flac
多重未来のカルテット~QUARTET THEME~ (Tajuu Mirai no Quartet ~QUARTET THEME~) Multiple Future Quartet ~QUARTET THEME~ tajyuumirai_no_quartet_40534641 tajyuumirai_no_quartet_41534641.flac

***Other Info***

Game resources ripped directly from IPA File. *.USM Media decrypted, videos processed perfectly utilizing other third party software.

Game: ミクフリック/02 (Miku Flick/02)
Type: iOS platform
Released: August 10, 2012
Size: Who cares?


  1. o my got do more vocals pleeeeeez

  2. 私はDLCをダウンロードできない。できればそうしたいけど。すみません。=/

  3. Do you have both the acc. and off-vocal for the QUARTET THEME? I've been wanting to make a VSQ of if for ages!!

    1. Just added 多重未来のカルテット~QUARTET THEME~ to the list. Enjoy :)
      I honestly didn't pay attention to the fact that there was an update, thanks for indirectly letting me know with the request. xD

  4. Replies
    1. The first Miku Flick? There is no point in ripping from that because it doesn't have Karaoke + Acapella (Hence why the first game doesn't have a "Karaoke" option)... only 1 Stereo Channel file per song. Though I can give you the FLAC files if you want.

  5. can you tell me, how to rip the usm with vgmtoolbox ?

  6. Is there any possible way to rip songs from any of the DLC, or does it require a different method?