Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rockman Xover (ロックマンXover) Game Rip v1.18 (★DKKRIP★ Audio, IPA, ZIP/7z, 47.5 - 80 MB)

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Well that didn't take long at all... really. First day... already ripped the resources. Well... some of them. Anyways yeah I ripped files from the game... All images decrypted. All of that stuff. Just another day at the office.

Something I want to say first off...

A note for certain stubborn, ignorant, and stupid people (You know if I'm talking to you) who claim that I just rip the IPA and slap it on the internet... I DO NOT EXTRACT IPA CONTENTS. Actually I don't even touch the IPA files. I install the game on my iPhone 4S and take the data from that, including the DATA files (Sound Effects, Music, and most images) which are NOT in the IPA. These are downloaded when you launch the game. Also note that most PNG files appear as nothing outside of the game. Apple PNG is a special format. My Rips contain the PNGs converted back into the universal format from Apple PNG. The conversions were done directly on the iPhone 4S. I put effort into ripping these game files and I don't shortcut it by just copying out of the IPA. If you think I do then go on and try ripping from the IPA. You'll only get the useless Apple PNG files. Good day.


***ZIP/7z Express Rip***

Contains DATA, converted PNGs, and game files directly from my iOS app directory. Just about everything.

ロックマン (Version 1.00.00 - 48,598 KB) -

ロックマン (Version 1.01.00 - 69,625 KB) -

ロックマンXover_1.01.02_Gamerip.7z (Version 1.01.02 - 74,849 KB) -

ロックマンXover_1.14_Gamerip.7z (Version 1.14 - 86,936 KB) -!FNF03QRL!UeBReEgPYUSEWovSq8-aBGF7yOgEQ-TYhaqbkZwUNaw

***IPA Rip***

The original IPAs directly from the Japanese iTunes AppStore.

ロックマンXover 1.00.ipa (Version 1.00.00 - 23,217 KB) - [LINK]

ロックマンXover 1.00.01.ipa (Version 1.00.01 - 27,229 KB) - [LINK]

ロックマンXover 1.01.ipa (Version 1.01.00 - 31,958 KB) - [LINK]

ロックマンXover 1.01.01.ipa (Version 1.01.01 - 31,968 KB) - [LINK]

ロックマンXover 1.01.02.ipa (Version 1.01.02 - 34,032 KB) - [LINK]

ロックマンXover 1.14.ipa (Version 1.14 - 39,522 KB) - [LINK] (Broken)

ロックマンXover 1.15.ipa (Version 1.15 - 39,684 KB) - [LINK] (Broken)

ロックマンXover 1.16.ipa (Version 1.16 - 39,684 KB) - [LINK] (Broken)

ロックマンXover 1.17.ipa (Version 1.17 - 43,403 KB) - [LINK] (Broken)

ロックマンXover 1.18.ipa (Version 1.18 - 43,403 KB) - [LINK]

***Sound Effects and Music Rip***

DATA files (Audio)... For 1.01.02 and later, WAV conversions are included for your listening pleasure.

ロックマンXover_1.00.01_DATA.7z (Version 1.00.01 - 28,076 KB) -

ロックマンXover_1.01.02_DATA.7z (Version 1.01.02 - 39,938 KB) -

ロックマンXover_1.01.02_WAV.7z (Version 1.01.02 - 175,346 KB) - [Part 1] [Part 2]

ロックマンXover_1.14_DATA.7z / ロックマンXover_1.14_WAV.7z (Version 1.14 - 45,641 KB / ??? KB) - [DATA] (Broken) [WAV]

To open these, get the audio editing program Audacity. Drag the ".data" files in and export to any format you like... Including MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, etc. They are lossless audio and sound effect rips. Either that or get the WAV rip. Please note that I did not do a FLAC rip because apparently the FLAC files are larger than the WAV files... Which is strange.

Links Crossed out (That link to "about:blank") are still in progress. They will be uploaded in due time. :)

***App Store Screenshot & Icon***

Breaking 1,500,000 Downloads! (150,0000日本語)

***Other Info***

Game ripped from iPhone 4S, all images decrypted utilizing iFile directly on iOS.

Game: ロックマンXover (Rockman Xover)
Type: iOS platform
Released: November 29, 2012
Size: 101 MB (Uncompressed 1.14)
iOS Dir: /var/mobile/Applications/48277D1C-DAC3-49BA-8C21-00D5D563D19F